At TSC All Stars, we offer dynamic tumbling classes designed to elevate athletes of all skill levels. Led by experienced instructors, our classes provide a supportive environment for individuals to hone their tumbling skills, from mastering the basics to perfecting advanced techniques. Whether you’re a beginner looking to build a strong foundation or a seasoned athlete aiming to refine your skills, our classes cater to your needs. Join us at TSC All Stars and unleash your potential on the mat!



Introducing our Kindergym classes at TSC All Stars, specially designed for our youngest tumblers! Perfect for preschoolers, these classes offer a playful introduction to tumbling basics in a fun and engaging environment. Catering to children aged 18 months to 7 years old, our Kindergym program focuses on developing coordination, balance, and motor skills while instilling a love for physical activity. Led by experienced instructors, these classes provide a safe and nurturing space for young learners to explore the excitement of tumbling. Join us at TSC All Stars and watch your little ones tumble, laugh, and grow!


Our program offers a structured progression through Levels 1 to 6, ensuring athletes receive tailored instruction to match their skill level and goals. Starting with fundamental skills like forward rolls and cartwheels in Level 1, athletes progress through mastering back handsprings, tucks, layouts, and fulls in Levels 2 to 5. Finally, in Level 6, athletes refine their technique and explore elite-level skills to reach the pinnacle of tumbling excellence. Whether you’re just starting your tumbling journey or aiming for the highest level of performance, join us at TSC All Stars and unleash your full tumbling potential!


Specifically designed for flyers, these classes offer a comprehensive approach to flexibility and strength training. Participants will engage in targeted stretching exercises to improve range of motion and enhance flyer skills. Ground drills are incorporated to build core strength, stability, and body awareness essential for aerial maneuvers. Led by experienced instructors, our Flyer Flex Classes provide a supportive environment for flyers to develop the flexibility and strength needed to excel in their role. Join us at TSC All Stars and elevate your flying abilities to new levels!


This specialized class is designed for athletes who want to elevate their stunting skills to new heights. Participants will work closely with their stunt group to perfect flying techniques, including body positioning, timing, and synchronization. From basic stunts to advanced pyramids, our instructors provide expert guidance to ensure safety and precision throughout every maneuver. Whether you’re a base, flyer, or back spot, our Stunt Class offers a collaborative environment where stunt groups can refine their teamwork and achieve stunning performances. Join us at TSC All Stars and take your stunting to the next level!